Why fasterWhoIs™?

ICANN has opened the domain registry to additional registrars. Though this has led to increased competition and lower domain registration costs, it has inadvertently complicated the process of registering domains. Each Registrar is required to maintain their own Whois database, but now they don't always include domains registered by competing registrars. This means that where there used to be only one Whois database that contained all the registered domain names, there are now as many Whois databases as there are Registrars.

So in order to get an absolutely accurate domain report one had to take three steps:

  • search for the domain in the shared domain registry
  • locate which registrar has reserved the name
  • go to that registrar's web site, locate their Whois page and search in that registrar's database for the correct information

And although there are a couple of sites on the web that now allow end users to query the Shared Registry directly, on most of these sites you are still required to wade through a lot of text before you can do what you came to do in the first place.

At FasterWhoIs™, we dispensed with anything that is non-essential. When you arrive at the site, you get the search form. No fancy graphics or banners, nothing to slow down your page's download. Once you submit the inquiry, optimized search code written in fast C++ compiled code searches the Shared Registry and provides a search report nearly instantaneously (depending, of course, on Internet network traffic conditions). For further convenience, if the domain is still available, the searcher can either register that domain immediately with one of the FasterWhoIs™ affiliate sites or use another registration service of his/her choice.

What is fasterWhoIs™?

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